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Sustainable development is a process that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Environmentally sustainable economic growth refers to economic development that meets the needs of all without leaving future generations with fewer natural resources than those we enjoy today. Renewable energy sources like hydropower, wind power and solar power are excellent examples of development strategies that are sustainable. Their sustainability is defined by their reliance upon infinitely available resources that are naturally occurring, constant and free to access.

Mitigating climate change is about reducing the release of greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet. The many mitigation strategies include retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient; adopting renewable energy sources like solar, wind and small hydro; helping cities develop more sustainable transport; and promoting more sustainable uses of land and forests.

Oracle of Sustainable Technology (stands for Taliyeh Fanavari Paaya in Persian), Ltd. is committed to providing up to date solutions to regional and national sectors, international organizations, as well as for private businesses in the "Sustainable Development" domain. We are committed to provide the best services for our clients.

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